Family Game Night Game review of Poetry for Neanderthals

Poetry for Neanderthals Card Game Review

I have never reviewed any product, but after purchasing the game, I really wanted to post this Poetry for Neanderthals Card Game review and share our thoughts. So, this will be our first, and hopefully not last, review!

We purchased the Poetry for Neanderthals Card Game a few months, not really knowing the rules. We were just so bored at home. Nowhere to go with these Ontario Covid lockdowns!

I found the game by searching “Family Card Games” on Amazon, and there it was! “Poetry for Neanderthals, by Exploding Kittens.” After reading several Amazon reviews, I decided to try it out.

About the game:

Poetry for Neanderthals is a new game, released by Exploding Kittens in January 2021. It’s a word-guessing card game similar to charades, except a player must only use one-syllable words to describe the secret word. Actions to describe the secret word are actually not allowed in the game – only single-syllable words. If the player’s team guesses the secret word, the team gains points. But, if the word is not guessed within 90 seconds (there’s a sand timer included in the game), the team loses points. Now, to the best part: If at any time, when describing the secret word, a player uses more than one-syllable words, the opposing team can catch the contravention and hit the player with an inflatable “NO!” stick. In this case, too, the team loses points!

The game is:

  • for two or more players.
  • recommended for ages 7+
  • about 15-20 minutes of play

Included inside is:

  • 200 Poetry Cards
  • 1 Inflatable NO! Stick
  • 90 Second Sand Timer
  • 1 Poet Point Slate
  • 1 Team Point Slate
  • 20 Grok’s Words of Love and Sad Cards

The Packaging:

The dimensions of the box size are 3.6 x 8 x 5.2 inches or 9.2 x 20.3 x 13.3 centimeters. So it’s easy to store and does not take up a lot of space.

The game rules for Poetry for Neanderthals:

The rules are simple to follow. The creators made sure the instructions are clear by including both, written and video easy-to-follow instructions.

Here’s how to play the game, explained by the game makers, Exploding Kittens:

Here is a video of how to play the game:

Our opinion of Poetry for Neanderthals card game:

The Pros:

We honestly had a blast playing the game! After a long work week, I completely relaxed. It was a kind of meditation for me – being right there in the moment, sharing laughs, not thinking about work or anything else on my mind. The kids (16 and 12 years old) loved the game too, so it was a great bonding experience. It’s getting harder and harder to entice the kids into spending some quality time with us oldies. But, we spent the evening together as a family, without hearing “I’m bored” or “let’s do something”. The kids were getting along and had an excuse to hit each other, and us, their poor parents, on the head with the inflatable stick! They were both waiting for the moment to catch us breaking a rule accidentally. My husband was the worst, so he got the most hits :).

A lot of the secret words were challenging, which made the game more interesting, of course.

So, as an example, my son got a card that he described and gave clues as follows: “man come to fix sink, his butt show”…. any idea what the card said, for 3 points??? That’s right – it said “plumber’s crack”. We were all laughing so hard!

The Cons:

After playing the game for several months now, mostly on the weekends or Friday evenings, the kids have been asking to play the game less. We’ve already learned the words that work well and are using those words more often. But when friends come over, the game does come out of our board-game pantry again and the kids definitely enjoy it with their friends.

In Conclusion:

We definitely do not regret purchasing the Poetry for Neanderthals card game. It was worth the money, for sure. We had many laughs together. But it does get a little predictable after some time of playing it, so it’s great to bring it back out when friends who have never played the game come over. Overall, purchasing the game was a great decision, money and time well spent!

Since we often play different board games and card games on our family game night, I will be posting more game reviews, which you will hopefully find helpful!

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